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Blood Thirst (#2 in the Blood Thirst Series)

  The continuing story of Beck Jaxon and her family: The Young/Jaxon family won the battle, but Elderson escaped, again. Now, Beck and her family have to deal with the losses they suffered during the battle with Elderson’s clan.
  They bury their dead and morn the loss of their family members. But there would be no rest for them. Elderson may have escaped this time, but he will be back. He wants Beck dead and will stop at nothing to make that happen.
  Will Elderson succeed, or will Beck and her family finally rid the world of Royal Elderson and the evil he has unleashed for centuries?   


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They stepped into the hallway to find themselves surrounded by twenty security guards and police officers, all with guns drawn.
  “Well, fuck,” Richard heard Potter say under his breath.
  “What do you want to do?” Potter asked.
  “Whatever it takes to get her out of here,” Richard said.
  “Put the woman on the floor and step away,” one of the police officers ordered.
  “I can’t do that,” Richard said.
  “I don’t know why you did this to her, son, but you’re not helping yourself here,” the officer said.
  “Wha…I didn’t do this to her!” Richard yelled. “Now let us pass!”
  “That’s not gonna happen. Now this is your last warning. Put her down and step away,” the officer ordered again.
  “Listen to us,” Leso said and took a step forward.
  Someone fired a shot that set off a chain reaction in the wide hallway. The hall was suddenly full of gunfire.
  “NO!” Richard screamed when he felt a bullet pass through Beck’s body and hit him in the stomach.
  He fell to the floor with her and covered her body with his own. He heard glass shatter. He raised his eyes a fraction of an inch and saw Damon, Gunner, Harley, Darian, and the twins running down the hall toward them.
  “Thank God,” Richard murmured.
  The gunfire stopped almost instantly. All of the guards and officers had been disarmed, and most lay unconscious on the floor. The rest were being restrained by the hunters. Richard felt Beck’s heartbeat falter beneath him. What little blood she had left was slowly pouring onto the floor.
  “Ma!” one of the twins yelled.
  “No!” Ester yelled, and ran down the hall toward them. “No, no, no!” she screamed, sliding to a stop in Beck’s blood and dropping to her knees. “GODDAMN
IT!” she shouted after looking Beck over. “That bullet struck her liver. She’ll bleed out in just a couple of minutes. There’s nothing that can save her now,” Ester said sadly.
  “Yes, there is,” Richard said. “Leso?”
  “Right behind you,” Leso said.
  “She’s dying,” Richard said. “You have to bite her.”
  Leso didn’t question him. He dropped to one knee, picked up Beck’s arm, and bit her in the bend of her elbow. Richard could smell Leso’s toxin spreading through her. Ester watched with an expression of wonder on her face.
  “Vampyres,” she whispered.
  Richard gave a small nod but kept his attention focused on Beck.
  “Which one of these sons of bitches shot our Ma?” one of the twins asked.
  “That one,” Leso said, pointing to the security guard that Gunner had pinned against the wall.
  Both of the twins reached out and grabbed the man.
  “Don’t kill him,” Potter said.
  “He shot our Ma!” one of the twins said.
  “I know, and if she dies, then you can kill him,” Potter said.
  “Fine,” they said, releasing the man and walking to their father’s side.
  “Thank you,” the guard sobbed and stepped towards Potter.
  “Don’t thank me, you irresponsible little shit!” Potter said, lunging across the hall and pinning the man to the wall by his throat. “You should be thanking the woman you shot. If we kill you, and she wakes up, she’ll be pissed. But I’ll make you a promise. If she dies,we will come for you, and you will die the most painful death in human history.”
  Potter punched the wall beside the man’s head, burying his arm up to his shoulder in the concrete. The guard’s eyes rolled back in his head and his bladder let go.
  “That’s nasty,” Potter muttered and flung the guard’s body away from him.
  Richard heard all of this going on while he listened to Beck’s heartbeat slow.
  “Is she gonna be alright?” one of the twins asked Richard in a strangled voice.
  “I don’t know, son,” Richard answered honestly.
  Richard heard Beck’s heartbeat speed up, then thump to a stop. He felt his soul rip at the loss of the sound he had come to depend on to survive.
  “We have to go,” Leso said, putting his hand on Richard’s shoulder.
  Richard nodded and scooped Beck up off the floor.
  “Take her to my house,” Ester whispered softly so none of the guards or officers would hear. “I’ll be home as soon as I can.”
  Richard nodded again. He led the way down the hall where they stepped silently out of a 10th floor window, into the night.


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